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Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!
MMLD's offices will be closed beginning Wednesday, 11/21 at 1pm. We'll reopen at 7:30am on Monday, 11/26.

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Ways to Pay Your Bill


  • You can pay your MMLD Electric Bill Online or by Text with a major Credit or Debit Card using our free InvoiceCloud service by clicking here. Try it. Watch the video demo here.

  • Have an Electronic Check issued from your Checking or Savings Account.

  • Write a Check or Money Order, then mail or drop it off to here at 80 Commercial St. (Please do not mail cash payments.)

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MMLD does NOT ask our customers to pay their bills by phone or email! Have questions about the legitimacy of any communication? Please call us. (781) 631-5600.

Rebates and Savings


MMLD is now located in our new, beautiful, modern and code-compliant facility at 80 Commercial Street in Marblehead.


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Marblehead Municipal Light Department

Marblehead, MA's Electric Power Company

We're proud to be your electric light utility. MMLD is a municipally-owned electric company that has been totally independent from large regional electric companies since 1894. We're "consumer-owned" and the citizens of Marblehead are our stockholders. It's a win-win for homes and businesses in many, many ways.

Marblehead's Old North  Church - Copyright 2015 Mike Porter

Over 120 years ago, citizens and businesspeople with vision struck a choice for independence. Like all great Yankees, our town went the independent route and chose to provide Marblehead with electricity through our own utility...instead of outsourcing this essential responsibility to a private entity that would be out of their control.

Marblehead Municipal Light Department is a "MUNI", one of only a few hundred in the entire country. And it has paid dividends in so many ways to our customers. Click here to learn more about the advantages of having a "MUNI" in your community.

In 2015 & 2017, MMLD was the recipient of the MMWEC Energy Efficiency Program Award for Best Website/Social Media! Read all about it here...

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