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MMLD Rates


MMLD Residential Electric Rates contain two major components:

  • Fixed Base Rates — these fees recover a portion of our fixed costs including the expense of maintaining our local distribution system lines, transformers and meters, MMLD employee wages, pension obligations, ongoing vendor expenses to maintain our townwide meter infrastructure, customer billing system, IT systems and support, and vendor expenses for engineering, system testing, regulatory filings and vegetation management
  • Variable KWH-based Electric Energy Rates — these fees directly recover our Wholesale Energy Costs. These costs vary monthly in volume and unit price, and represent a changing mix of power suppliers

MMLD RATES (effective Jan. 2024)

(See individual PDFs below for additional information)

Customer Class Rate Code Base Charge Energy Use Charge (kwh) Demand Charge (kw) Download
Rate A (MDPU-84) Residential Service A $18.50 $0.1895 n/a PDF
Rate B (MDPU-85) Small Commercial Service
(Temporary Power = $30 per installation)
B $32.25 $0.1812 n/a PDF
Rate C (MDPU-86) Large Commercial Service C $113.50 $0.1722 $6.30 PDF
Rate G (MDPU-87) Off-Peak Water Heating
(closed to new customers)
G $12.00 $0.1351 n/a PDF
Rate S (MDPU-88) Electric Thermal Storage Heating
(closed to new customers)
S $17.75 $0.1560 n/a PDF
Rate HPA (MDPU-73) NY State Hydro Power Credit Adjustment
Applicable only to MDPU-84
Rate PPA (MDPU-74) Purchase Power Adjustment
The Purchase Power Adjustment (PPA) is applicable to all filed retail rate schedules except MDPU-73.
PPA Varies-based on wholesale energy cost    
Rate PV (MDPU-75) Residential Photovoltaic Credit
PV $0.00
($4.25 if separate meter & socket)
Rate CF100 (MDPU-83) Go Green Now! 100% Carbon-Free Rate CF100 $0
Note: This opt-in rate is added to Rate A, B, or C.


Document Download
MMLD Electric Service Rates Summary Sheet PDF
Fees & Private Area Lighting Rates PDF
Terms & Conditions of Service PDF
Electrical Service Restoration Policy Due to Non-Payment PDF

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