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News Collection

A collection of News Stories from the Home Page of Marblehead Municipal Light Dept. for easy ratepayer reference.

  • 11Dec 2023
    New, Clean Hydropower Purchase Contract Announced
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    The Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company has reached an agreement to acquire hydropower generated at two Connecticut power plants that will supply more clean power to 14 MA municipal light plants, including the Marblehead Municipal Light Dept.

    Marblehead has signed up for 2 MW around-the-clock hydropower for 6 years, from 2024 through 2029. MMLD expects that this Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with FirstLight, Burlington, MA, will provide Marblehead with 5,000 MWH of electricity annually, which equates to 4.7% of the town's 106,000 megawatt hours wholesale power supply. This agreement is the most recent step in MMLD’s plan to meet and exceed the Massachusetts' mandate to supply 50 percent carbon-free electricity by 2030 and Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. Read the Press Release PDF for more information.

  • 08Apr 2023
    Sustainable Marblehead Green Homes Tour
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    Seeing is believing! Take the Sustainable Marblehead Green Homes Tour, Saturday, April 8th, from 10am to 2pm. Find out from homeowners about energy efficient technologies they have installed where they live. It's a great way to learn how to improve your own home's energy efficiency!

  • 01Jan 2023
    New Rates Announcement
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    Beginning in January, MMLD customers will see a modest change in electric rates. These changes will shift the balance between the Fixed Base Rate and the Variable KWH-based Electric Energy Rate customers pay, to better reflect the actual fixed and variable costs of MMLD operations today. In short, the fixed monthly Base Rate will increase, so that more of the department’s fixed expenses are captured by the revenue raised in the fixed monthly Base Rates. In parallel, the variable Energy Rates for each rate class will be reduced.

    These new rates are the result of an independent Cost of Service study, undertaken by Utility Financial Solutions LLC, (UFS), a highly reputable, nationally recognized firm based in Holland, Michigan. Over the past year MMLD has worked closely with UFS with two objectives in mind:

    • (1) Ensure all customers are billed equitably, based on the amount of electricity they actually use, and
    • (2) Increase the percent of revenue raised by our Fixed monthly Base Rates, to better cover the department’s actual fixed expenses.

    Note that our rate restructuring is designed so that there will be no change to the monthly bill of the average energy usage customer. For example, the average residential customer, using 662 kwh of electricity per month, will see no change on their monthly amount due. Monthly bills will increase slightly for customers using less electricity than the 662 kwh average and monthly bills will decrease slightly for customers using more electricity monthly than the average.

    See our new Rates Page for more details.

  • 01Jan 2023
    NEW Rates Web Page available for MMLD Customers

    To help our electric customers fully understand their new rates, we've developed a new Rates Page that explains everything. In addition to rates, there are also links to the video of our December 15 Public Meeting and Public Meeting Presentation Slides PDF.

    As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments by connecting with us on our Online Contact Form.

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  • 12Nov 2022
    NEW “GO GREEN NOW!” RATES! A brand new Green Choice program for MMLD Customers to go 100% Carbon-free.
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    “Go Green Now!” is for customers who, like MMLD, are concerned about climate change and want to do something about it. “Go Green Now!” gives our customers an entirely optional rate opportunity to purchase their electricity from 100% Carbon-free Energy Sources.

    Customers who opt-in to this “Go Green Now!” rate agree to pay an agreed-upon monthly incremental amount. And there's always an opt-out option.

    All customers making 12 Green Choice payments in a year will receive written confirmation from MMLD that their prior year energy usage was in fact 100% Carbon-free. Plus more!

    See our “Go Green Now!” Flyer with Enrollment Form for more details today! Learn more on our "Go Green Now!" page!

  • 07Sept 2022
    Heating Season Home Energy Assistance

    Need help paying your heating bills and keeping your home warm during heating season? The Home Energy Assistance Program at North Shore Community Action Programs, Inc. helps income-eligible households pay their winter heating bills—even if the cost of heat is included in your rent.

    Read the NSCAP Home Energy Assistance Flyer or get answers to your questions on the FAQs Flyer in English & Spanish.

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  • 15Mar 2022
    Take the Aerial Drone Tour now!

    The largest single solar field and the largest municipally-owned solar project in Massachusetts— 7 megawatts — will soon be live and powering up to 1,500 homes including those in Marblehead! Check out this video of the new, 35 acre Master Sgt. Alexander Cotton Solar Project in Ludlow, MA. This will help MMLD meet our net-zero carbon energy goals years before our goal date.

  • 13Dec 2021
    New Public Power Video

    In this new 1-minute video, learn how Marblehead Municipal Light Department and other consumer-owned electric utilities in Massachusetts work harder and better for our customers — courtesy of MMWEC (Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company).

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