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  • Copyright 2015 Mike Porter. All rights reserved.
  • Copyright 2015 Mike Porter. All rights reserved.
  • Copyright 2015 Mike Porter. All rights reserved.
  • Copyright 2015 Mike Porter. All rights reserved.
  • Copyright 2015 Mike Porter. All rights reserved.
  • Copyright 2015 Mike Porter. All rights reserved.
  • Copyright 2015 Mike Porter. All rights reserved.
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NEW “GO GREEN NOW!” RATES! A brand new Green Choice program for MMLD Customers to go 100% Carbon-free.

“Go Green Now!” is for customers who, like MMLD, are concerned about climate change and want to do something about it. “Go Green Now!” gives our customers an entirely optional rate opportunity to purchase their electricity from 100% Carbon-free Energy sources.

Customers who opt-in to this “Go Green Now!” rate agree to pay an agreed-upon monthly incremental amount. And there's always an opt-out option.

All customers making 12 Green Choice payments in a year will receive written confirmation from MMLD that their prior year energy usage was in fact 100% Carbon-free. Plus more!

See our “Go Green Now!” Flyer with Enrollment Form for more details today! Learn more on our "Go Green Now!" page!

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Need help paying your heating bills and keeping your home warm during heating season? The Home Energy Assistance Program at North Shore Community Action Programs, Inc. helps income-eligible households pay their winter heating bills—even if the cost of heat is included in your rent.

Read the NSCAP Home Energy Assistance PDF Flyer or get answers to your questions on our FAQs Flyer PDF in English & Spanish.

Take the Aerial Drone Tour now!

The largest single solar field and the largest municipally-owned solar project in Massachusetts— 7 megawatts — will soon be live and powering up to 1,500 homes including those in Marblehead! Check out this video of the new, 35 acre Master Sgt. Alexander Cotton Solar Project in Ludlow, MA. This will help MMLD meet our net-zero carbon energy goals years before our goal date.

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In this new 1-minute video, learn how Marblehead Municipal Light Department and other consumer-owned electric utilities in Massachusetts work harder and better for our customers — courtesy of MMWEC (Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company).


Ludlow solar field group photo

MMLD General Manager Joe Kowalik; Marblehead resident and Major, US Air Force Reserve Mike Lewis; MMLD Commissioner Jean-Jacques Yarmoff

MMWEC (Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company) has announced that this solar project, named "Master Sargeant Alexander Cotton Memorial Solar Field", will generate more than 13,800 megawatt hours (MWh) per year and will displace almost 13.22 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions from Massachusetts power plants annually. Marblehead Municipal Light Dept. is one of 6 MA municipal light plants who will be buying this cleaner power for our electric customers.

Read more about in this largest solar field project in this Commonwealth news release.


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Verification of Small Business Energy Exemption Certificates are available on MassTaxConnect.


Are you a new customer? Or considering an upgrade or change to your service? Please review our Terms & Conditions of Electric Service.

Ways to Pay Your Bill


  • You can pay your MMLD Electric Bill Online or by Text with a major Credit or Debit Card using our online InvoiceCloud service here. Check out our new Instructions To Register.
    Watch the Video Demo.

  • Have an Electronic Check issued from your Checking or Savings Account.

  • Write a Check or Money Order, then mail or drop it off to here at 80 Commercial St. (Please do not mail cash payments.)
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If you would like to make a Tax-deductible Donation to this program to help your neighbors in need, please send a check made payable to NSCAP-Marblehead-NHN to:

North Shore Community Action Programs
Attn: Community Outreach (COR)
119R Foster Street, Building 13
Peabody, MA 01960

You may also donate online. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Donate Online Now

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Marblehead Heat Pump Incentives graphic

Check out the new NEXTZERO Incentives, Rebates, Programs, Tax Incentives & Free Energy Audits! Save money and contribute to decreasing the effects of climate change and global warming.

  • FREE Home Energy Audits from NEXTZERO and CET (the Center For Ecotechnology)
  • NEW! NEXTZERO Rebates on Qualifying Rechargeable Yard Equipment
  • NEXTZERO Rebates on Qualifying EnergyStar® Appliances
  • NEXTZERO Rebates on Qualifying Air Source Heat Pump and Water Heaters
  • Rebates on Electric Vehicles (subject to availability)
  • FREE WiFi-equipped Level 2 Residential EV Chargers
  • NEW! Connected Homes Program for household-wide rebates
  • Federal Tax Credits
  • MORE!

Get more info here.


Berkshire Wind Power Coop

MMLD is a participant in Phase II of the Brodie Mountain Wind Project at one of the windiest sites in the Commonwealth. Construction is complete. Learn more.

Marblehead Municipal Light Department

Marblehead, MA's Electric Power Company

MMLD is proud to be our town's electric utility. We are a municipally-owned electric company that has been totally independent from large regional electric companies since 1894. We're "consumer-owned", and the citizens of Marblehead are our stockholders. And that's a win-win for our town's homes and businesses in many, many ways.

Marblehead's Old North  Church - Copyright 2015 Mike Porter

Over 120 years ago, citizens and businesspeople with vision struck a choice for energy independence. Like all great Yankees, our town went the independent route and chose to provide Marblehead with electricity through our own utility — instead of outsourcing this essential responsibility to a private entity that would be out of their control.

Marblehead Municipal Light Department is a "MUNI" or "MLP", one of only a few hundred in the entire country. And we have paid dividends to our customers in so many ways. Learn more about the advantages of having municipal light company power our community.

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