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Advantages of Being an "MLP Town"

MMLD Muni Power

MMLD Gives You the Power

Marblehead Municipal Light Department is a municipally-owned electric utility that is totally independent from the large regional and national companies. The citizens of Marblehead are our "stockholders". In other words, we're "consumer-owned". This is a win-win in so many ways.

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MMLD is one of approximately 2,000 local, publicly-owned electrical systems in 48 states. These systems are owned and operated solely by the communities they serve. Size of MLP systems can range from the the enormous Department of Water and Power of the City of Los Angeles that serves over one million customers – to small systems serving just a few hundred. MLP systems currently provide power to more than 9 million customers nationwide and a population of 30 million.

It all started with a few forward-thinking citizens and businesspeople making a choice between serving themselves with electricity through their own utility... or outsourcing this essential responsibility to a private entity. You can read more about how it happened in Marblehead by clicking here.

In our community, people chose to maintain control and picked the independent route. This has paid dividends in so many ways. Just think back to the historic storms of the past several decades. Thanks to our local team, our town was back up and running way ahead of those served by the big power companies.

You're the boss.Because we are municipally-owned, you control your own destiny:

  • Your electric rates and policies are set locally via your elected officials
  • Your services and how you receive them are determined by your representatives
  • Staffing is local. From our line crew to front office personnel...we live right here in the community
  • Plus, you can visit with the manager and staff of your MUNI and put a face to the power

Locally owned and operated is the smarter way to go. If you have comments or questions, please call us or click here for our Online Contact Form.

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