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Green Energy

Green Energy

Growing Your Green

Marblehead Municipal Light receives green energy from several different sources: Berkshire Wind Power Project, Hancock Wind and Eagle Creek just name a few.

Berkshire Wind provides MMLD with 6.7% of its generation. This project is a 10 turbine, 15 megawatt wind farm atop Brodie Mountain in Hancock, MA. Berkshire Wind is a unique public power initiative that embodies the energy, environmental and economic benefits of renewable energy development. To learn more about this project please visit them here.

Eagle Creek Hydro is another green source of energy from which MMLD derives its power.  Eagle Creek’s total output is 11.53MW of generation. It is comprised of River Bend, Bow Street, Lochmere, Gregg Falls, Pembroke and Clement Dam hydros located in New Hampshire on the Piscataquog, Suncook and Winnipesaukee Rivers. Marblehead’s share of this renewable resource is 600 kW.  To learn more about Eagle Creek Hydro resources, please visit them by clicking here.

Hancock Wind is a new project that is not yet operational. This project is scheduled to have a total output of 51MW, with Marblehead’s share of this will be 951kW. The permitting for this project is complete, early construction and mobilization activities have started at the site. The Commercial Operation Date is expected the latter part of 2016. We look forward to Hancock’s construction and completion to expand our green energy portfolio even further.

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